10 Ways To Destress

Life can get a little crazy sometimes, whether its school or work, it can cause a lot of stress. I know I have definitely felt my stress levels rising lately which inspired me to write this post. So here are 10 ways that I find help me reduce and prevent stress. 
1. Read a book
I could get lost in a book any day and I mean an actual, paperback book, not a digital version haha. I find that reading actually calms my mind and helps me get to sleep, rather than looking at a screen before bed. Reading is a great way to reduce stress because you can escape into another world and calm yourself, its so relaxing. Besides there is nothing like a good book!

2. Draw or Colour
Drawing or colouring is a perfect way to let your mind wander and not have to think about much. You can either draw your own picture and do some sketching or you can just buy a colouring book or print pages out. Adult colouring books have become very popular recently and definitely hopped on the trend and bought a couple, t…

Top 6 Places On My Bucket List

My main goal in life is to travel to as many places in the world as I possibly can because I love travelling more than anything! I love learning new languages and cultures, meeting different kind-hearted people and being able to see such incredible sights (and not just behind a screen, haha). Although I haven't travelled to many places yet, I am still young and still have time but until then, here are my top 6 places on my travel bucket list!

1: Greece

Greece is full of absolutely beautiful structures and this country is really enriched with culture which I think makes it sooo incredible. There is so much to learn about in Greece, with so many different islands to explore and many amazing architectures, such as, the Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens. You can do things like go hiking, explore caves and volcanoes, try new food and ride donkeys! Also low-key really want to go see the place where they filmed 'The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants'  haha I know, basic!